Functional Safety Working Group


The Functional Safety Working Group will focus on the standardization of the functional safety intent data model/format  to improve interoperability and traceability in the Functional Safety lifecycle. The aim is to provide a unified approach throughout the product creation process, specifically targeting to enable a functional safety-aware design and verification flow for electronic circuits and systems.

Chair: Alessandra Nardi, Cadence Design Systems
Vice Chair: Bala Chavali, AMD
Secretary: Dr. Kaushik De, Synopsys


The objective of the Functional Safety Working Group is to standardize information for capturing and propagating the safety intent from the system down to the SoC / IP design and implementation including failure mode propagation, verification, validation, reliability and Safety Mechanisms. The safety intent standardization will support data exchange and traceability across different safety analysis and work products (e.g. FTA, FMEA, DFA, FMEDA) and will enable operability and traceability in different domains (Digital, Analog, Package, PCB, SW, etc), industries (e.g. automotive, industrial) and supply chain layers (IP, IC, system). For more information read the press release.


In recent years, due to the increasing amount and complexity of electronics in safety critical application, there has been a strong and growing interest to define a unified way to capture functional safety data for interoperability and traceability. Several standards exist to capture the generic safety lifecycle, however the last few years have seen increased activity dedicated to semiconductors and systems development with the publication of guidelines focused on semiconductors and newly formed related conferences (e.g. “Application of ISO26262 to Semiconductors”). The community is focusing on how to service the requirements of electronics systems development, including building the bridge across different layers in the supply chain (from IP, to IC, to system). Several discussions on the needs have been initiated during these conferences and many of the key contributors are now participating to this Functional Safety working group.

Join this Working Group

If you are an employee of an Accellera member company and wish to participate in the Functional Safety WG, please log in or create an account in the Accellera Workspace. Once you are logged in to the Workspace, select "View Workgroups", select Functional Safety Working Group, and click the Join button.


  • Video: Accellera’s Functional Safety Working Group Addresses Standardization Efforts to Improve Automation, Interoperability, and Traceability.
    Accellera’s Functional Safety Working Group (FSWG) presented an overview at the virtual 57th Design Automation Conference of the scope, needs, and goals defined by the FSWG, including developments since its formation. Introductions by Lu Dai, Accellera’s Chair, Martin Barnasconi, Technical Committee Chair, and Alessandra Nardi, FSWG Chair, were followed by informative presentations by functional safety experts focusing on specific perspectives, challenges, and opportunities. Speakers include Bala Chavali, AMD; Ghani Kanawati, Arm; Jyotika Athavale, Intel; Franck Galtié, NXP Semiconductors; and Riccardo Vincelli, Renesas. The lively and Q&A session following the presentations is also available as part of the recording.