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The next membership year begins January 1, 2024

Accellera members directly influence development of the most important and widely used standards in electronic design. Member companies protect and leverage their investment in design languages through their funding of a proven, effective and responsible organization. In addition, our members have a higher level of visibility in the EDA industry as active participants in Accellera-sponsored activities and as contributors to its decisions, which impact the EDA industry.

Accellera was formed in 2000 to provide design and verification standards for quick availability and use in the electronics industry. In March of 2010, Accellera Organization and The SPIRIT Consortium completed a merger. The union improved the development of language-based and IP standards. Then, in December 2011, Accellera Organization and the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) joined to become Accellera Systems Initiative in order to exploit synergies that improve system-level design.

The organization and its members cooperatively deliver much-needed EDA and IP standards that lower the cost to design commercial EDA, IC, and Embedded Systems solutions. As a result of its partnership with the IEEE, Accellera standards are transferred to the IEEE Standards Association for formalization and ongoing change control.

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Becoming a Member

It's easy to apply for membership. Simply submit a Membership Agreement. Membership is in effect upon receipt of the completed agreement and dues and, unless renewed, expires on December 31 of the calendar year. Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT/ACH), purchase order or check for the applicable dues. A quote or invoice will be provided upon request.

E-mail (preferred) or mail the application to:

Lynn Garibaldi:

Accellera Systems Initiative
8698 Elk Grove Blvd. Suite 1, #114
Elk Grove, CA 95624
Attn: Lynn Garibaldi

For a quote, invoice or bank transfer instructions, or if you have questions, please contact Lynn Garibaldi, Executive Director, at

Benefits of Membership

Accellera Systems Initiative offers multiple levels of membership options for companies and organizations: Corporate Membership, Associate Membership or Start-up Company/University Membership.

Depending on the level of participation, membership allows for benefits such as:

  • Influence of the direction and development of Accellera standards
  • Participation in development of new language capabilities and extension libraries
  • Access to participate in all technical Working Groups
  • Voting rights for the Board of Directors and in other organizational matters (Corporate Members)
  • Voting rights on Working Group creation and technical direction (Corporate Members)
  • Ability to recommend and chair Working Groups
  • Receive updates on activities of all working groups and board committees
  • Access to pre-release versions of specifications, members-only information and downloads
  • Access to pre-release library source code
  • Participation in the development of market specifications, roadmaps and other technical guidelines that direct the work and perception of Accellera and its standards

In addition to the above benefits, Corporate members may:

  • Stand for election to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Set priorities and drive key decisions
  • Participate in the Promotions Committee

Comparison of Membership Tiers

Item Corporate Level  Associate Level Start-up/University Level*
Annual Dues US$25,000 US$7,500 US$2,000
Working Group Participation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Voting Rights in Working Groups  
Eligible to Serve on Board of Directors    

* Special terms apply to Start-up Membership. Review terms >

After Your Membership Is Approved

Once your membership is approved and your company account is set up, your employees can sign up for Member Employee access on the site and start participating in technical activities.