SystemC Synthesis Working Group (SWG)


This group is responsible for the definition of a synthesizable subset of SystemC.

Chair: Andres Takach, Mentor Graphics
Vice-Chair: Michael Meredith, Cadence


Since the last public review of the Synthesis Subset (version 1.3 which was released in August 2009), draft 1.4 has been updated to improve the clarity of what constructs are supported. The draft was reviewed and updated based on the IEEE 1666-2011 SystemC language standard. Updates were done in all sections including support for C++ constructs and SystemC modules, processes, clocks, resets and datatypes. 

The SystemC Synthesizable Subset Version 1.4 was open for public review and comment until July 13, 2015. Community feedback on the draft is now being considered for the next release of this standard. Although the period to submit comments has ended, the preview document can be downloaded here. The release of version 1.4 will be announced soon.

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