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For release: 05 Dec 2011

Supporting Quotes: Accellera and Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) Unite to Form Accellera Systems Initiative

Accellera Systems Initiative Corporate Member Quotes:

"Growing challenges in developing hardware-software systems and complex SoCs require a new level of methodology and standards to enable underlying tooling and IP to meet the needs of OEM and semiconductor companies. Cadence applauds the merger between OSCI and Accellera, which will help to accelerate the evolution of system-level standards."
-- Pankaj Mayor, Vice President, Chief of Staff to CEO and Acting Head of Marketing at Cadence Design Systems

"This is a great opportunity for the combined organization, Accellera Systems Initiative, to drive required systems standards more cohesively in the future."
-- Rahul Goyal, Director EDA Business, Intel Corporation

Mentor Graphics
"The unification of Accellera and OSCI sets the stage for the next level of development and adoption of system-level standards that address the ever-growing challenges of advanced SoC design and verification. Accellera and OSCI together are needed to make this happen. As a long-standing member of each organization, an active contributor to seed standards development and adopter of the resulting work, we look forward to the expanded opportunities for collaboration across the SoC design and verification ecosystem."
-- Dennis Brophy, Director of Strategic Business Development, Mentor Graphics

Renesas Mobile
"Bringing together the deep knowledge of classical EDA domain standardization from Accellera and the transactional level modeling in OSCI is crucial for the whole electronics industry. Renesas Mobile Corporation sees the merger as important step in the standardization of design flows and associated EDA/SW tools for embedded systems from algorithms to SoCs. As a large user of EDA, we are excited to see what solutions this merger will realize to increase even further the speed of creating innovative designs."
-- Toshihiro Hattori, Vice President of SoC Business Division, Renesas Mobile Corporation

"Creating value in the process of standard development is important for our industry, and the Accellera and OSCI merger is key to ensuring that critical standards, such as UVM, are truly interoperable from systems to silicon. In addition, Accellera Systems Initiative will enable interface support efficiencies, which is especially significant for mid-size EDA companies like SpringSoft that work with multiple languages and methodologies."
-- Mark Milligan, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, SpringSoft

"Electronics and semiconductor companies are using new methods for hardware and software system design. New methods require an evolution of standards that support the industry ecosystem. Both Accellera and OSCI have successful histories in this area. We hope the user community will take an active role in the new unified Accellera Systems Initiative."
-- Rich Goldman, Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Synopsys

Accellera Systems Initiative Associate Member Quotes:

"The integration of OSCI and Accellera into a single standards organization is a natural next step considering the close relationships and synergies of Transaction Level Modeling and the Universal Verification Methodology. The unified effort will provide higher levels of productivity for system, software and hardware design. From a Xilinx perspective, these standards allow our engineers and our customers to more efficiently design, verify and program our FPGAs and the new Zynq Extensible Processing Platform."
-- Mike Frazier, Vice President of IP Solutions, Xilinx Inc.

Community Quotes:

"Standardized interoperability and collaboration and exchange of information are all necessary to promote innovation. The IEEE Standards Association notes that the EDA industry has benefited over the years from the technical work achieved by both organizations including the development of eight IEEE standards. We look forward to the continued work of Accellera Systems Initiative to develop EDA and IP standards that elevate designer productivity and set the foundation to build the next generation of electronic products."
-- Judith Gorman, Managing Director, IEEE Standards Association

"The merger is the logical result of the highly successful work of both organizations on standards that have improved the design and verification methods enabling the growth of the electronics industry. The union will improve efficiency and provide even greater benefits to the industry."
-- Gabe Moretti, Past Chair of VHDL International and co-founder of Accellera

"SoCs are ubiquitous in electronic systems. The integration of IP blocks and their verification is one of the key challenges of the semiconductor and electronics industries who must manufacture products quickly across multiple design domains using diverse sources of hardware and software IP. The merger of OSCI and Accellera signifies the importance of collaborative standards to address these challenges."
-- Jim Hogan, Vista Ventures LLC

"This timely consolidation of two interrelated consortia promises to deliver enhanced value to its members and the industry at large. Si2 is pleased with this transition, as it allows better-focused partnership opportunities in coordination of industry standards spanning the complementary scopes of our respective organizations. As former Accellera Vice-Chair and VHDL International President, I led the consolidation that created Accellera, and now anticipate similar benefits for emerging language-based standards."
-- Steve Schulz, President and CEO, Si2

"OCP-IP is excited to see Accellera and OSCI join forces to leverage the excellent work of both groups to accelerate development of system-level standards that can propel electronic design productivity to the next level. OCP-IP has already extensively leveraged the work of OSCI in the development of our world-class SystemC TLM kits and virtual platform offerings and we eagerly look forward to continuing collaboration with the combined group in the future."
-- Ian Mackintosh, President and Chairman, OCP-IP

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