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For release: 23 Jun 2010

SystemC Japan 2010 Slated for July 2 in Yokohama

Technical Presentations from Ricoh, Renesas, Primegate, and Sony Highlight Agenda

YOKOHAMA, Japan -- June 23, 2010 -- The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI), an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing SystemC(tm) as an industry-standard language for electronic system-level (ESL) design, announces the first SystemC Japan will be held Friday, July 2 in Yokohama, Japan. For more information visit (Japanese).

WHAT/WHEN: SystemC Japan 2010, Friday, July 2. This one-day industry event will feature technical presentations on the use of SystemC for system-level design from industry experts and suppliers, highlighted by user case studies. The agenda features six technical user presentations by top Japanese electronics companies and four informative presentations from leading suppliers of electronic design automation tools and technologies.


09:30 - 10:00

10:00 - 10:30
OSCI and IEEE P1666 Update
Stan Krolikoski, OSCI Board Member and IEEE P1666 Chair

10:30 - 10:45
SystemC-related activity in Japan
JEITA SystemC Working Group

10:45 - 11:25
User presentation: Ricoh
"Integration of Behavior Synthesis and Virtual Platforms"

11:25 - 11:50
Vendor session: Synopsys
"Total Solution of Virtualization Technology at Synopsys"

11:50 - 12:40

12:40 - 13:20
User presentation: Renesas
"High-level Design Experience at Renesas"

13:20 - 13:45
Vendor session: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
"TLM-based Design and Verification Solutions at Cadence"

13:45 - 14:25
User presentation: Fujitsu Advanced Technology
"Activity of High-level Design Technology for ASIC Design"

14:25 - 15:05
Vendor session: Nihon System Ware
"Hardware Architecture Proliferation with CoFluent Studio"

15:05 - 15:25

15:25 - 15:50
Vendor session: Mentor Graphics Japan
"Hardware Design and Verification: ESL Design Methodology at Higher Levels of Abstraction"

15:50 - 16:30
User presentation: Primegate
"From C language to LSI Implementation Support System Development for Image and Moving"

16:30 - 16:55
Vendor session: Forte Design Systems
"Methodology of Behavioral Synthesis from TLM"

16:55 - 17:35
User presentation: Sony
"Successful SystemC Design Flow at Sony"

17:50 - 19:30

WHERE: Shin Yokohama International Hotel, Yokohama, Japan. For details: (Japanese).

REGISTRATION: SystemC Japan registration is currently closed due to high demand. If you would like to be invited to future events, please send your request with contact information to

OSCI GLOBAL EVENT SPONSORS: ARM, Cadence, Forte, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, XtremeEDA

About SystemC and OSCI
The Open SystemC(tm) Initiative (OSCI) is an independent, not-for-profit association composed of a broad range of organizations dedicated to supporting and advancing SystemC as an open industry standard for system-level modeling, design and verification. SystemC is a language built in C++ that spans from concept to implementation in hardware and software. For further information about SystemC and OSCI, visit

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