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For release: 10 Nov 2009

Technical Presentations from North American SystemC Users Group Meeting Now Online

Videos of SystemC Users and Industry Experts Free to Worldwide Electronic Design Community

WHO: The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI), an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing SystemC(tm) as an industry-standard language for electronic system-level (ESL) design, announced videos of the technical presentations from the 11th North American SystemC Users Group (NASCUG 11) are now available free of charge to the worldwide electronic design community. To register and view visit:

WHAT/WHEN: User presentations from NASCUG 11 discuss virtual platforms for transaction-level modeling (TLM), using SystemC for Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) design, and high-speed router development in SystemC. An in-depth tutorial, "Using TLM-2.0 Extensions for Bus Locking and Snooping," delves into the finer points of the OSCI TLM-2.0 standard, and is a follow-on discussion to the examples-based "TLM-2.0 in Action" video tutorial released earlier this year. In addition, two overview presentations from OSCI on the current happenings of the organization and its recently formed Configuration, Control and Inspection Working Group (CCI WG) are presented. The CCI WG was formed earlier this year to develop standards for system-level debug and analysis. All presentations are available now. NASCUG 11 was co-located with the 2009 Design Automation Conference (DAC).

Technical Presentations (20 minutes per segment)

  • A Tool for Assertion-Based Verification of TLM Platforms
    Luca Ferro, TIMA Laboratory (Grenoble), France

  • SystemC-AMS for the Design of Complex Analog/Mixed-Signal SoCs
    Karsten Einwich, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS, Germany

  • Modeling a Virtual MPU
    David C Black, XtremeEDA, USA

  • High-speed Packet Router Development in SystemC
    William Gnadt, Lockheed Martin MS2, Syracuse, NY, USA

Tutorial (60 minutes)
  • Using TLM-2.0 Extensions for Bus Locking and Snooping
    John Aynsley, Doulos, UK

OSCI Presentations (20 minutes per segment)
  • OSCI and Technical Working Group Update
    Mike Meredith, President, OSCI

  • Configuration, Control, & Inspection (CCI) WG Update
    Trevor Wieman, OSCI CCI WG Chair

WHERE: The technical presentations are available online and free of charge at

WHY: SystemC continues to grow in importance for architectural exploration, performance analysis, building virtual platforms for software development, and functional verification. Presentations from user meetings like NASCUG 11 strengthen OSCI's mission and its dedication to providing mechanisms that allow collaboration and information exchange among members of the global ESL community.

SPONSORED BY: ARM, Cadence, CoWare, Doulos, Forte, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Virtutech, XtremeEDA

About SystemC and OSCI
The Open SystemC(tm) Initiative (OSCI) is an independent, not-for-profit association composed of a broad range of organizations dedicated to supporting and advancing SystemC as an open industry standard for system-level modeling, design and verification. SystemC is a language built in C++ that spans from concept to implementation in hardware and software. For further information about SystemC and OSCI visit

For More Information, Contact:

Jill Jacobs
Public Relations for OSCI
Phone: 408.266.9753
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