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SystemC Community Newsletter: November 2009



OSCI Welcomes New Chair and Members

Eric LishEric Lish has been elected Chairman of the Board of OSCI. As Manager of Virtual Platforms within Intel's Technology and Manufacturing Group, Eric says he believes OSCI and SystemC are playing a critical role in managing design complexity:

"It is necessary for the industry to raise the level of abstraction from the modeling and architecture perspective. Platform-level design is growing evermore complex and traditional design methods can't keep up. Abstraction is one area that can be addressed to make a significant difference. As an industry, we must come together to focus on system-level issues to help enable the growth of technologies."

OSCI also welcomes Qualcomm and OFFIS as new Associate Corporate Members. To find out more, read the press release.       Qualcomm       OFFIS


Synthesis Subset Draft 1.3 Standard Opens for Public Review

The Synthesis Subset Draft 1.3 standard is intended for use by logic designers, electronic engineers and design automation tool developers. It describes a standard syntax and semantics for SystemC synthesis. The standard includes hardware constructs at the behavioral and register-transfer levels, and is based on the ANSI C++ standard and the IEEE 1666(tm)-2005 Standard for SystemC. The purpose of the SystemC Synthesis Subset standard is to define common syntax and semantics that can be recognized by all compliant high-level synthesis tools. Complying with this standard will allow users doing hardware implementation in SystemC to produce designs using a well defined coding-style, independent of the particular implementation of synthesis technology by any vendor.

The SystemC community is encouraged to provide feedback by January 31, 2010 via the Synthesis forum.


Videos of Technical and User Presentations from NASCUG 11 Now Online

Videos of the technical presentations from the 11th North American SystemC Users Group (NASCUG 11), co-located with the 2009 Design Automation Conference (DAC), are now available free of charge to the worldwide electronic design community. These presentations include:

  • A Tool for Assertion-Based Verification of TLM Platforms
    Luca Ferro, TIMA Laboratory (Grenoble), France

  • SystemC-AMS for the Design of Complex Analog/Mixed-signal SoCs
    Karsten Einwich, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS, Germany
  • Modeling a Virtual MPU
    David C Black, XtremeEDA, USA
  • High-speed Packet Router Development in SystemC
    William Gnadt, Lockheed Martin MS2, Syracuse, NY, USA
  • Configuration, Control, & Inspection (CCI) WG Update
    Trevor Wieman, OSCI CCI WG Chair
  • Technical Working Group Update
    Mike Meredith, President, OSCI

To register and view the NASCUG 11 videos, go to

Tutorial: Using TLM-2.0 Extensions for Bus Locking and Snooping

An in-depth tutorial from John Aynsley of Doulos is also featured. A follow-on discussion to the examples-based “TLM-2.0 in Action” video tutorial released earlier this year, the tutorial delves into the finer points of the OSCI TLM 2-0 standard.

To register and view the TLM-2.0 Extensions tutorial, go to


Newly Formed User Group in Taiwan
1st Taiwan SystemC Users Forum - November 16, Hsinchu

Recognizing the importance of SystemC to the electronic design community, the ESL working group of the Taiwan SoC Consortium recently transformed to become the Taiwan SystemC Users Group (TSCUG), an independent user organization that will host regular open forums to further promote ESL technologies. The first-ever TSCUG forum features the following:

  • Dr. Kazuhiro Yoshinaga from STARC will address TLM-2.0 modeling guidelines
  • NCKU, NTHU and NTU will illustrate achievements in ESL research and standardization over the years
  • Ian R. Mackintosh, Chairman and President of OCP-IP, will discuss Key Solutions to ESL Challenges
  • Mike Meredith, president of OSCI, will provide an update on technical working group activities
  • User Track featuring IC design and services houses, EDA suppliers delves into ESL practices in industry projects
  • Academic and Design Track features topics such as virtual platform design, accurate model construction, and ESL verification methodology
  • Panel: "Is Taiwan Ready for ESL?" features speakers from academia, industry and research to debate how Taiwan can move forward in ESL

For a complete agenda and to register for the TSCUG forum, go to


December 1 - Grenoble, France
Co-located with IP-Embedded Systems Conference

The 20th European SystemC Users Group (ESCUG) will meet December 1 in Grenoble France. For the first time, the meeting will be co-located with the IP-Embedded Systems Conference. Speakers include:

  • Co-Design of the JPEG decoder based on a virtual platform of FPGA systems
    Speaker: Guy Bois, Cofounder Space Codesign Systems

  • Accelerating USB3.0 Software Development with Virtual Platforms
    Shortening USB3.0 Product Development Cycles Using TLM-2.0 Compliant Transaction-level Models
    Markus Willems, Synopsys

  • Extension of SystemC Framework Towards Power Analysis: the PK Tool Simulation Environment
    Massimo Conti, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy
  • And more!

The meeting is free to industry professionals.
More information:


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