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Title Official 2.3.0 release
Name Official 2.3.0 release (7MB)
Description The Accellera Systems Initiative is proud to announce its release of version
2.3.0 of the SystemC library. Version 2.3.0
add compatibility to the newly released (January 2012) IEEE-1666-2011 standard and has
been much anticipated by the SystemC community.

Following the updated IEEE standard 1666-2011, this release provides a number
of important new features. Accellera's TLM 2.0 is now officially part of the
IEEE standard and with this release, users only need a single download to
obtain an implementation of what was previously two separate libraries;
extensive process control features are added which enable modeling of concepts
such as power domains and abstract schedulers; a new container for SystemC
objects and first-class event lists simplify the description of generic and
scalable models; an improved simulation API and a new thread safety mechanism
will allow much better interaction with external tools and support for
multi-threading; and of course the library includes numerous bugfixes.

Documentation has been reorganized for clarity, and there is a new document
highlighting the features added for compliance with the latest version of the
SystemC standard. The library, installation notes and readme files have been
updated to support installation on the latest operating systems and compilers.
To ensure a high quality release, the library has been reviewed and tested
performed by members of the SystemC Language Working Group and feedback from
the recently completed public review has been incorporated in the release.

The Accellera Systems Initiative encourages SystemC users and tool suppliers
everywhere to move to the new IEEE-1666-2011 standard. The IEEE 1666-2011
standard may be obtained by visiting
and the newly released version of the open source library (and the
corresponding regression suite) may be downloaded by visiting Many thanks to all the
volunteers who have made this new standard and the updated library release
Document State Final (Released for distribution.)
Group / Folder Language Working Group (LWG) / Development Documents
Submitter By Mr. David Black on Monday, 02 July 2012 03:55pm
Modified By Mr. David Black on Friday, 06 July 2012 06:43am
Technical Contact Andrew Goodrich
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