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  • To: "'Matthieu Moy'" <Matthieu.Moy@xxxxxxx>
  • From: "Pete Hardee" <pete@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 15:03:37 -0800
  • Cc: <systemc-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hi Matthieu,

Great news that you're going to release your parser. Please note however
that, if this work is based on the existing SystemC contributions released
by OSCI, you cannot release it solely under the GPL. If this is the case,
please release the part derived from existing SystemC contributions under
the "SystemC Open Source License Agreement" that you can find on, and please fully comply with the terms therein.

Get some advice from your own Institution's legal counsel if you are unsure.

Best regards,
Pete Hardee

Pete Hardee
Director, Product Marketing
CoWare, Inc.
2121 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131
Direct: (408) 392 8514    Fax: (408) 436 4740

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Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 2:40 PM
To: Zarandi
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Subject: Re: [Systemc-forum] HELP (SOS): SystemC Grammar and Parser

Zarandi <h_zarandi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Dear friends,
>    May any of you help me to get SystemC parser and
> Grammar?

SystemC is  not a language, but a  library. The grammar is  the one of
C++. The  difficulty is to interpret the  grammar correctly, according
to the semantics of SystemC.

I have a beginning  of SystemC parser that I use for  my Ph. D Thesis,
and hopefully,  we'll be able to  release it under the  GPL licence by

Can you tell me more about your needs ?


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