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systemc-forum - [Systemc-forum] dynamic linking of PLI and SystemC Message Thread: Previous | Next
  • To: "'systemc-forum@xxxxxxxxxxx'" <systemc-forum@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • From: "Frank Huang" <huang@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 14:22:01 -0700
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I've read some of the thread regarding the linking of SystemC with other
So far I haven't come across a solution to compile SystemC with PLI's into a

single dynamically linked object (  I'm trying to do this under
As an experiment, I took a compiling and working set of PLI's and added the
#include "systemc.h".  Although it still compiled, the ncverilog executable
not recognize it at run time.  As a colleague and some of the older emails
it may be caused by the main() sitting inside of sc_main.cpp.
Can anyone tell me that this is the cause of if I'm completely off-base?
If this is indeed the problem, does anyone know of a solution/hack that
get me around this problem?

Frank Huang 
x27354 1506B 


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